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Top 5 Tips to Level Up your Small Business using Insta Stories

By Lauren Morton

Top 5 Tips to Level Up your Small Business using Insta Stories

If you’re wanting a way to heat up your Insta Story game, look no further. We’ve got 5 spicy Insta Story tips to take you to the next level, and start seeing real results.

Insta Stories can quite easily be overlooked when it comes to planning social media content, but they really shouldn’t be! Insta Stories are one of the best ways to foster engagement and are an easy way to express a bit of brand personality into what you’re selling. Implement these hot tips and see the results for yourselves:

  • Use Story Highlights

Think of your Story highlights kind of like the ‘About Me’ section on your website. When someone visits your website what do people want to know? We’d suggest having highlights that inform the audience of the first things people should know about your brand! Things like – ‘about us’,’ ‘how to use your products/why someone needs your service’, ‘customer reviews’, ‘FAQs’, ‘new releases’, and ‘the faces behind your brand!’ This way people can easily engage in little nuggets of information that will help to boost your brand’s awareness.

  • You Don’t Need Perfection

Doing something is almost ALWAYS better than doing nothing when it comes to Stories. You don’t need to shoot on a professional camera, your phone will do! Stories draw us in because they are 24 hour ticking time bombs and if you don’t save them on your profile in the form of highlights, they’re gone! This calls to the audience’s sense of urgency and means that they’re keen to click as soon as they enter the app. People aren’t expecting the perfectly polished content that you might be posting in your feed, so grab your phone, take a quick video of what you’re up to and post! No second thoughts! People will like you for YOU!

  • Keep It Snappy!

15 seconds may not sound like a long time, but 15 seconds can feel like forever if you’re watching something bland. That’s why it’s best to keep things moving! People can always go back and watch something again, but trust me, if you’re taking too long to get to the point, no one’s listening. That’s why video content is so important, it moves a lot quicker than single images.

  • Stay On Brand

If you’re committing to improving your story aesthetic, keep it consistent! Pick a regular font, colour palette, tone of voice, background colours, and styling (please not too many gifs 😅). If you’re struggling to stick to a key theme, try using an app. Again, Canva will forever be my favourite!

  • Reshare (or at least acknowledge story mentions!)

When people love your offering so much that they’re willing to post about it, capitalise on it! Share it to your story, it will show your audience how people interact with your brand as well as encourage others to spread the love for your brand. Resharing posts will help to build trust and legitimise your brand to show your offering out in the wild… Now if what they’ve shared just doesn’t suit your aesthetic, still acknowledge them, thank them for being a customer. It might just be enough nurturing to turn them into a repeat customer if they feel seen and included.

So that’s it, 5 simple tips to start elevating your insta story game! There are SO many more I’d love to cram in, but I’d honestly be writing this all week! In the meantime, if you have any questions, or want more hot tips just shoot us a message! Otherwise, catch us on our insta story @propeldigital to see these tips in action!