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Keen to retain and reengage your customers? Look no furher than Email Marketing...

Effective, highly profitable and extremely connected - email marketing is making a comeback!

Consistently a high converter for our clients, email marketing time and time again proves to be a vital part of our recommended digital marketing approach for clients. With it's ability to speak 1:1 to those who have shown active interest in your business before, email marketing in the form of newsletters and automations will see your business engage with those who mean most to your company.

The best part? All results are completely trackable! Meaning you can improve on your approach with every email you send out.


  • Email Template Design + Creation

    Propel Digital will design and create email templates ready for you to use in ongoing campaigns.

  • Email Automations

    Today’s businesses need to do more with less. They need to be able to connect with their community in a highly personalised way, whilst staying on budget and increasing their returns. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it can be possible with the right email automation strategy.

  • Email Newsletter Campaigns

    Take the stress out of regular newsletter mailouts and have Propel Digital take care of content creation, database management and dispatch.




Taking the leap to work with an agency can be daunting! So, here's some questions we commonly get asked about email marketing to help answer any queries or concerns you may have.

You betcha! We’ll even go one further… If you’re not sure what email platform you should be committing to, we’ll conduct a quick consultation to find the best platform for you. From there, we’ll get you set up. Whether Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Klayvio, Converkit (and more), we’ll ensure your account set-up crosses all t’s and dots all i’s.

#HumbleBrag moment, but automations are our JAM! Creating solid email automations for your business not only means that you can do more with less effort, but it also enables your business to continue forming relationships while you sleep. Win-Win!Before we create email automations for your business, we’ll audit your current set up and/or email platform. From there, we’ll identify what automations will be the best for you to set up to see the best results.We then get to work, designing, configuring and integrating a killer strategy to help move the dial for your business.

We use automated software to help us report on your email campaigns monthly. This will help us track things like open rates, click-through rates, revenue generated and more. Through monitoring these results, we’ll start to get a better understanding of what works, and what doesn’t.

Nope! We don’t necessarily have to help on a monthly basis. We can support you by setting up beautifully designed and high converting templates or automations to set you on your way.

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