ABOUT – Propel Digital

We see you stalking... and we're not mad about it.

In fact, we'd LOVE for you to get to know a bit more about our origin story!

After making a tree change from the big smoke back to her hometown of Wangaratta in regional North East Victoria, Propel Digital founder, Lauren Begley, felt an itch. She’d been working in enterprise-level digital marketing agencies in Melbourne for close to 7 years at the time. She’d learnt the lay of the land with big brands like Coon Cheese, Goulburn Valley Fruit, Haircare Australia and Burbank Homes – but upon returning home, she could see that it was actually the little guys that could use her help! 

The small, local businesses she’d come to know and love were getting swallowed up in the white noise of the online world. So, she set her sights on trying to make a difference in this space. Enter Propel Digital.


    Lauren began serving the local scene with support in digital strategy, social media management, digital advertising, content creation, email marketing and more. Soon, word got around – and Propel had amassed an impressive client list of awesome businesses looking to move the dial for their organisation!

    Of course, then came 2020 (the year that shall not be named) everything seemed to slow down, except for the digital space. All of a sudden businesses were desperate for advice and support on how to go online and how to future proof their revenue streams through digital marketing. So, of course, Lauren wanted to help out in any way possible! This led to quick growth in Propel land – which meant new team members and a new office!


    Today, Propel Digital is a team of 9 incredible individuals, all bringing their own 'special spice' to what we offer as a business.

    In addition to our incredible account management team (the lifeblood that keeps our business running), we also have a dedicated creative team, their skills spanning from photography, videography, website design, graphic design, illustration, animation & more!

    As we grow and evolve, so too does our offering. In 2023, we're excited to offer accessible workshops to those looking to up-skill their marketing chops and get back to basics with the fundamentals.

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