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Mitch McAuliffe

Content Creator

Meet our local legend from North East VIC! With 25 years in the hospitality industry, Mitch has done it all—from sizzling in the kitchen as a chef to running the show as a manager. Ready for a new adventure, he dived into the world of Social Media Marketing, earning his diploma and landing a paid internship with Propel Digital. Now, he's rocking it full-time as a content creator!

When he's not crafting amazing content, you'll find Mitch exploring the great outdoors. He's passionate about photography, camping, fishing, and 4WD adventures, always discovering the hidden gems of Northeast VIC. He's also building his own social media photography page, all while enjoying life with his wife and their three adorable dogs.

Fun Facts:

  1. Loves bourbon.
  2. Doesn’t read books.
  3. Prefers to drive to a holiday destination than fly, the drive is part of the journey!

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