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Top reasons why your small business needs to get REEL!

By Lauren Morton

Top reasons why your small business needs to get REEL!

Instagram has recently taken the leap to combat the rise of TikTok with it’s latest feature – Reels. You’ve probably heard of it by now, or perhaps you’ve even tried it. But we’re here to tell you that it’s a game-changer for your small business. These short, entertaining, and eye-capturing videos are poised to transform the way we interact on Instagram and if you’re not capitalising on them you’re reely missing out! So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – why are Reels so good for your business?

Algorithm Busting

Reels are getting that little extra nudge from Instagram at the moment in terms of the way the platforms serves content so that it’ll get in front of more eyes. In a recent update, Instagram even has a dedicated menu button exclusively for Reel content. So if you’re producing Reels, you’re going to be seen by more people which means more opportunity to make new connections and grow your brand! Woo hoo!

Content Lifespan

Have you ever noticed that when you make a post, you’ve got about 2 hours before it’s long disappeared into the background? Well again, Instagram has a little soft spot for Reels so they tend to keep them visible for longer! It also helps if you share your reel to your feed and post it with some relevant hashtags! This way you’ll gain a greater reach. #winning

Let’s Go Viral

‘Viral’ is probably the word of 2020, well, besides a certain word starting with C and ending orona, but viral content occurs every single day. Whether it be words to a song, a strange dance or a man drinking juice on a skateboard literally ANYTHING can go viral. There are no hard and fast rules for going viral, but just think, is this something I would want to watch? All you need is to press share and cross your fingers.

They’re just bloody fun!

If you haven’t tried the new feature, we beg you to give it a go! It can be silly, informative or used to showcase your products but the key is to just have a play! All content is good content! The team at Propel have been having waaaay too much fun making Reels lately, so if you’re looking for some inspo why not check us out on Instagram @propeldigital to see what we’ve been up to! Or why not check out what your competitors are up to? If they haven’t posted Reels – get ahead of the game!

Alright that’s it, class dismissed. Your homework is to go and make a reel! As always if you have any questions just reach out – we’d love to help!