Sarah Miller – Propel Digital

Sarah Miller

Digital Marketing Account Manager

Born and bred in Griffith, NSW (don’t hold it against her) and recently moved to Albury, Sarah has experience within the travel and advertising industries. She’s a people person and LOVES having a chat!

Since joining the team, Sarah has shown her incredible go-getter attitude - always willing to give any task thrown her way a crack (a sign of a TRUE Propel Digital team member).

As part of her role, Sarah is responsible for supporting the wider team and clients in moving projects forward as well as lending her content creation skills to help brands level-up and make maximum impact with customers.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Sarah hanging out with her two dogs Lily and Gavin. She enjoys rating all the pub food in Albury, binging true crime documentaries or exploring the amazing North East Region!

Fun Facts:

1. Loves a good true crime podcast.

2. I tell people my favourite colour is purple but in actual fact it’s probably aqua/green.

3. My absolute favourite country in the world is Japan!

Phone: 0403 067 654


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