Two months of learning – Sarah’s Take on life at Propel Digital
Two months of learning – Sarah’s Take on life at Propel Digital

By Lauren Morton

Two months of learning – Sarah’s Take on life at Propel Digital

60 days. Eight weeks. Two months. It doesn’t sound like a lot does it? But in reality, a lot can happen in as little as two months (I mean Kim Kardashian decided to end her marriage in two months). So it’s a no-brainer that I have learnt an abundance of new things in just two months. The team at Propel have been nothing but welcoming and I am excited to be part of such a fun, fast-paced and dedicated team. 

Let’s go back a bit and introduce myself. I was born in…. wait that’s too far. I’ll try that again. I’m Sarah, the newest account manager at Propel Digital. I have experience in travel and advertisement and have always had an interest in tourism marketing. So when the position of account manager came up, I had to give it a go. I am extremely thankful to Loz for giving me a chance. When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me hanging out with my two dogs Lily and Gavin, at the gym or indulging in true crime documentaries.  

So without further adieu, here are my key learnings from my first two months at Propel Digital: 

#1 – Reels are king

I never took too much time looking at reels. I had watched a few that had come up on my feed and thought, hey they’re funny. When I began working with Propel, I realised just how important they are to a small business and just how engaging they really are (I have now spent multiple hours watching them…oops!). People tend to scroll past a post but a video that has music and is relatable to them will make them stop, have a laugh, tag their friends and hit that like button. With a section exclusively for reels on Instagram, it gives your business even more opportunity to grow and be seen!

#2 – Every client is different

During my time in advertising, I did get to learn this a little. Every client wants their business to shine but tone in advertisements is different to tone in social media posts and email. Each client here is unique in their own right and are completely different in the way they showcase their business. It goes from one extreme to the other, so we wear multiple hats when curating content to send out to the world on behalf of these clients to ensure we are capturing the way they want their business to be portrayed online.

#3 – Propel is a team

I’ve worked in a few team environments in my working life but none quite like Propel Digital. They are all for helping one another, there’s certainly no I in this team. There is genuine support to get through tasks and I am here for it. Creating copy can be tough at times and when you’re looking at the same thing all day the words and thoughts can become one big blob but having fresh eyes on your work can make the task so much easier. One thing that is so evident and a big lesson is to just give it a crack, there is no right or wrong and with the help of Loz and Em it can become something even better. Not only that, we have fun, I mean have you seen our reels? 

#4 – Reporting is a must

To understand how your business is doing in any aspect, the numbers will tell you. So why would we not want to look at how our social media platforms are performing. I never really understood why we need this reporting but as social media becomes a major way of advertising our businesses it just makes sense. These numbers show you what works and what doesn’t, helping to improve and increase the number of eyes on your posts. 

#5 – Don’t get disheartened

Lastly, and possibly MOST importantly, is to not get disheartened by the little things. What you might like and think is suitable may not be what someone else has in mind and that is OKAY! Even if you have put your heart and soul into something and the next person doesn’t like it, that’s fine because you tried BUT you have to pick yourself up and keep going. This is a huge learning curve for me (something I still need to remember at times). 

Woah, there you go. Here are just some of the things I have learned in my short, two months at Propel. Of course, there is so much left to learn and the team has been awesome at showing me the ropes. Let’s see where the next two months or even two years take me (ps. there’s so much dancing in a reel to come).